Oracle Tablespace Report (OTR) is used to gather various statistics e.g. tablespace usage (allocated, used and free) space. The statistics are stored centrally in the OTR Repository located in an OTR Instance.

This project got started out of a work from a Danish friend, Lars-Bo Vanting, at the time we worked together back in 2005.

Initially it was only based on Tables, Views and PL/SQL. The current version has expanded on the basis and added a web GUI (based on the excellent open source project Open BlueDragon.)

This version of OTR does a bit more than just collect tablespace usage on a weekly basis. It monitors each database instance every 5 minutes and reports back if a tablespace is getting full and one can directly act on the upcoming problem, extend a tablespace or add a new tablespace file without the need to do this over the Enterprise Manager or manually.

Main Administrations screen for the OTR

Typical Tablespace and Storage Report

The quick way to solve a Tablespace size Problem

OTR Main Screen
OTR Tablespace Report
OTR Tablespace Adjustments